Tuesday, 13 November 2012

"Tramway to Hell" Extreme Crocheting - Only in Edinburgh...

Well - the tram fiasco has given us one thing to be grateful for: militant knitting has hit Edinburgh. This "Tramway to Hell" crochet spent a few days adorning the roadwork barriers near the Scott monument before being removed by contractors (sparking the parochial-even-for-Edinburgh headline, "Tram Protest Crochet Taken Down").

Incidentally, I suspect that the Mary Gordon who took the above photograph, and who seems to have been the Evening News's main source (see this Evening News article), is the brains behind this piece of handiwork... I wonder how many other Edinburgh residents were also au fait with the concept of "yarn-bombing" before this hit the local press...On the Edinburgh Reporter site Mary lists one of her interests as knitting and her Etsy pages feature some rather fetching crochet...

Read more - including details on the yarn-bombing phenomenon (God bless activist crafters), at Deadline News here.

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