Thursday, 19 April 2012

Animal Art

As I may have already mentioned, I love animal art. I am sure that there is a lot that can be said about what this means, anthropomorphism, the projecting of emotions onto animals, and seeing some answering emotion there (Grizzly Man anyone?), etc. - but while I mull this over, here are two of my favourites... Edinburghers both.

And - if you're in the market, I should add that I think they are both amazingly cheap- so grab them now, before they realise how good they are...!

Zaza Shelley is something of a Renaissance woman - from lecturing at the National Gallery, coming up with some very lovely, very funny cards, to creating utterly adorable teacup jewellery, and making the most beautiful Christmas decorations you've ever seen, she does it all. But mostly what she does is draw and paint like heaven... (and my reproductions of her images do her no justice - go to her wesbite to see them properly:

Hares are a new obsession of mine - joining the pre-existing bird obession.

Caroline Hepburne Scott is from the Borders, although she now lives in Edinburgh (and is currently travelling in South America). She has the most amazing draughtsmanship which enables her to capture her subjects in an extraordinary way. Look and wonder....

As well as through her own website, Caroline's work can also be found on Caroline Hay's Art Amatoria.

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